Harry M Kuboi

Reiki Master of Masters, Psychic, Professional Exorcist,

was born during the Great Depression on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. He is the oldest child of Alma and Isami Kuboi. His father was hard working and provided a good life for his family, which included  a sister and brother. He was a sickly child, born with a thyroid condition. His early life gave him little indication that he would one day become interested in the healing arts.

     In 1976, Takata Sensei approached her student and asked if he wished to become a Reiki Master. After one year of deliberation, Harry M. Kuboi made his decision to commit his life to God the Almighty by helping others.

     Harry M. Kuboi became a Master of Reiki in 1977. Today, he is a Reiki Master and professional Reiki exorcist and has been channeling with the spiritual world for over ten years. All of Reiki Book I and Book II were channeled from the spiritual world so that man can learn the history of Reiki natural healing. Reiki is a gift for humankind from God the Almighty.


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